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Olive Oil Tasting

by a certified sommelier

Olive Oil Tasting Experience

You will have the opportunity to taste different olive oils from across the Mediterranean, and learn more about this intricate and delicate product.

During this 1 hour session, our expert sommelier will guide you through the tasting of each olive oil, and provide insights on the history, production techniques, and health benefits of olive oil.

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What People Say

Elias (Strategy&)

The tasting was well-organized, and the host was incredibly knowledgeable about the different types of oils and their flavor profiles. I left with a newfound appreciation for the complexity and versatility of olive oil.

five star rating
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Jonathan (Deloitte)

Attending the corporate olive oil tasting event was an incredible experience that brought the team together. The tastings were expertly curated, and it provided us with a unique opportunity to bond over something new and exciting.

five star rating
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Susan (Ticket Event)

The ticketed event was a delightful experience. I enjoyed tasting different types of olive oils and discovering new flavor profiles, all while meeting other like-minded food enthusiasts.

five star rating

Meet the Sommelier

Mazen Assaf | Founder @ The Olive Oil Guy

Growing up in the Mediterranean, I was surrounded by fresh and delicious olive oil – this created an obsession in me.

Having moved away from home, I realized that most people do not have access to the good stuff, so I began working with producers across the mediterranean to source delicious liquid gold.

There's 1600 varieties of olives, and every country has something special to offer. As a certified sommelier, I can't wait to share them with you.

Organized by The Olive Oil Guy LTD

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